1. Artificial Grass, The New Solar Panel

    For much of the country, solar panels are a nearly unrivaled solution for investing in at-home energy savings. Solar panels provide their owners an estimated energy savings of 70,000 dollars in ideal conditions over the course of 20 years. What’s more, many areas qualify for numerous stackable rebates and governmental incentives for reducing energy supply burdens, often in the amount of thousand…Read More

  2. Your Neighborhood’s Best Lawn

    We all have that neighbor who somehow has the best lawn on the block. Whether the secret lies in amazing landscaping, professional services, well-placed irrigation, or even just the right lot, this lawn is just always outshining the efforts of everyone else in the neighborhood. You know the one, and we understand your frustrations in wondering how they do it. Maybe, just maybe, the explanation for…Read More

  3. Grass & Allergies

    It is common to see sniffly noses and puffy faces, especially in California’s spring and summer seasons. Many people suffering from allergies unknowingly agitate their condition by spending time on patios, decks, and generally in their lawns. The reality is that an upwards of 30 percent of current adults suffer from a pollen allergy, which is commonly agitated by the pollens emitted by grass and…Read More

  4. Problems with Grass Lawns

    Californians have a similar problem statewide with their grass lawns: irrigation. The problems associated with maintaining a lush, green lawn in a state stricken by drought are obvious, but there are issues with grass that extend beyond a simple water problem. Grass comes with a host of other potential problems for your family and home that are commonly overlooked because of how simple grass is to…Read More

  5. Common Benefits: Ordinary & Artificial Grass

    Choosing landscaping elements can be stressful. With an upwards of 15 percent of your home’s value and sellability riding on the decisions you make, designing the areas outside and around your home can be quite the task. The issue many Californians face with landscaping is the lack of reliable irrigation at all hours of the day. Due to legislation in place to protect the state’s water supply, …Read More

  6. California’s 15% Home Value Problem

    The drought that has put the state through so many issues has begun to take another toll on Californians in the form of decreased property values. While many markets in California are trending upwards in price, the growth has been stilled somewhat by the problem that irrigation and landscaping are posing to homeowners and prospective buyers alike. Preparing a home for sale with appealing landscapi…Read More

  7. Why Mulch Will Never Replace Grass

    The primary usage of the term “mulch” is in reference to fine wood or bark chips, which is widely used in landscaping to lock moisture into the soil while preventing weed growth. In reality, mulch is a general term used for anything that represents a layer of material applied on top of the soil to lock in moisture. Mulch can actually be plastic, other forms of wood, or even gravel. In general,…Read More

  8. Why Rock Lawns Are Lackluster

    Rock lawns are a great low-cost alternative to maintaining a lawn in a drought-ridden environment, as California has been of late. They have very little cost and need almost no maintenance, but somehow they are just lackluster. What is it about rock lawns that turns people away from wholeheartedly turning to them over the costly, and often difficult to maintain, traditional grass lawn? They Look O…Read More

  9. Watering Fine Solutions

    With the current water situation in California reaching a critical mass, it is not surprising news that watering your lawn incorrectly has become illegal. Water has become more scarce, and populations in the state have only risen. This has lead to a widespread condemnation for using precious water for lawns, especially during the hot hours of the day. Environmentalists have condemned this behavior…Read More

  10. Avoid Irrigation Expenses

    Water is a sore subject for most Californians. Many of us have seen years of drought wreak havoc on the water sources, plant life, and even consumer costs in our time here. What was once stories about a near-constant need for lawn irrigation from states like Arizona or from the desert sections of the state has become a reality for many Californians. Now, more than ever, it is normal to expect a wo…Read More